ZDA Communications

We specialize in designing and manufacturing wireless antennas within the 146 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum. Our extensive range of antennas includes Yagi antennas, parabolic dish antennas (grid and solid dish), cell tower sector antennas, external wireless antennas, mobile antennas (for vehicle applications), broadband and ultra-wideband antennas for wireless, public security, industrial control, and RFID applications. Our antennas have been widely used for applications such as WiMAX, LTE, WLAN, Wi-Fi, cellular telecoms, RFID, surveillance, and telemetry in the US and other countries.

Since 2008, we’ve been committed to rolling out new products with advanced technologies, expanding our existing range of antennas, and designing custom-made solutions to ensure that ZDA Communications continues to provide high-quality, cost-effective antennas with outstanding performance for our loyal customers. We are ready to meet the demands of 5G antenna applications.

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